18 Senators who vote no on Medicaid Expansion endorse Weiser.

The 18 Senators who voted NO on Medicaid Expansion in Michigan have endorsed Ron Weiser for U of M Regent!!  Major Conservative Endorsements

From Michigan Tea Party News.



Tea Party 18 endorse Weiser

Tea Party 18 endorse Weiser


First Rand Paul, Now Lt. Col Allen West

Awesome news.  I just got an email saying that Allen West has endorsed Ambassador Weiser.  Email posted below.


Fellow Conservative Activists,
At a time such as this, our nation needs leaders committed to Conservative ideals; Leaders who understand the importance of the rule of law, individual sovereignty, promoting economic freedom, and the vital importance of restoring the American opportunity society. And nowhere do we need those types of Leaders more than in roles of supervisory leadership on the campuses of our institutions of higher learning.

Allen WestIt has been my honor to know and work with Ambassador Ron Weiser. Ron was instrumental in passing Right to Work in Michigan and supporting Conservative, liberty-loving candidates across our great Country.

I know the importance of the synchronization of ground and air forces in combat working together to achieve an objective.

This strategy is just as important in politics as it is in warfare.  Ron understands this and through his work has provided the resources and the leadership to give air cover to our candidates and activists across the country as we fight our political battles to preserve our beloved Constitutional Republic.  He is also one of the rare political leaders who understands and respects the importance of a well fought, strategic grassroots campaign and its tactical implementation.

I join with US Senator Rand Paul in supporting Ron Weiser for Regent of the University of Michigan.  I know that the University will be well served by Ambassador Weiser and he has my full support.

Steadfast and Loyal


Allen B. West
Lieutenant Colonel, (US Army, Retired)
Member of the 112th US Congress (2011-2013)

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Conservatives Unite Behind Ambassador Ron Weiser for U of M Board of Regents

Senator Rand Paul worked closely with Ambassador Weiser during the creation of Right to Work as well as working on other ventures in the past. The Senator had nothing but marvelous compliments to Ambassador Weiser, whether it is the “personal energy” that Ron puts into everything he does or his phenomenal successes as chair of the Michigan GOP. Senator Rand Paul knows two things about Ambassador Weiser;

“Ron will give it his all, and he will succeed.” – Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul believes in Ambassador Ron Weiser. In such a critical juncture in American politics it is important to have conservative leadership in our schools. As University of Michigan Regent Ron will give it his all, and he will succeed.

In addition to support from Senator Rand Paul, all 18 of Michigan’s conservative senators who voted against Medicaid expansion have voiced support for Ambassador Weiser for U of M Regent. Another supporter of Ambassador Weiser is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Senator Cruz who supports the Right to Work legislation has praised Ambassador Weiser’s efforts in helping to pass Right to Work in Michigan.